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Let the snow fall

Like cotton padded atom bombs

Puah Eyal Raviv
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Firs thing you should know is that this journal is mainly being used, at this point in my life, to discuss the emotional stuff that I do not wish to discuss with others. So, you tend to see things when they are amazingly beautiful and I feel that telling people how beautiful I think things are at the moment will be found silly, or you get it when I am overly sad or angry about something. What can I say, journaling about it is much nicer than hugging or killing people, right? ;)

The rest of it is just a bonus. :)

The below words and sentiments are what this journal used to be about, but I no longer need the protection of labels, but they still represent so many parts of who I am. Consider this the manifesto of me in my late 20s who still thought I knew all I needed to know. ;)

I am. I am a poet, armchair philosopher and professional singer in the shower. I am fat, I am an athlete and an outdoorsperson. I am an athiest, panthiest and perhaps a Jew. I am an environmentalist, a lazy recycler and a deskchair activist. I am a sister, a daughter and a lesbian. I am a gender bending genderqueer, a trannyboy and a one sex bisexual. I am a pro-football player, a full time student and a good friend as often as I can be. I am an ex Walt Disney world Castmember, I worked with troubled teens and was once a porn photographer. I am now in a sacred profession. I am an avid reader. I was once a liberal, an independent and a socialist. I am a board game player who will win at Trivial Pursuit. I am a history buff. I am an ok poker player who plays anyway. I am a nerd, a geek and a wannabe at both. I am Quirkyalone, a hopeless romantic and still believe in chivalry. I am a big baby during sad movies but love funny ones. I look much meaner than I am. I am a music lover. I am a part time vegan, almost always a vegetarian and a treehugger.

I am neo political. I heart Ghandi, Einstein and Charlie Brown. I am a free thinker, a 5 year old child and a 35 year old adult who still does not know what they want to do with their life, but knows what they want out of it.

I am all of these things and so much more that labels cannot define.

ok, ok, so I am not THAT serious, but you get the general idea. :)
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