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So, I have a lot going on right now. I was offered and accepted an opportunity to be an advisor for the number one teaching University in the country and I'm really excited. Unfortunately, like my other for roles it is part time and requires a lot of effort from me in addition to my full-time teaching responsibilities. That brings me in 23 University level positions comma a board of directors position, an evaluator position and a full-time teacher. To say that I get pretty damn tired is an understatement. While trying to also keep myself healthy... I sleep well. I opted not to apply for summer jobs because of the amount of traveling I'm doing. Again none of these actually make me any money but I feel like in order to get the university level position that is going to pay well enough for me to only have one or two jobs Kama I have to lay the groundwork now. Right now that includes a trip to Minnesota for my residency, a trip to see my parents for a family reunion, a trip to Boston for a week-long conference, a trip to the Space Center in Alabama, possibly a trip down to the university and Baltimore and a trip to Toronto Canada see something about it educational theory and approach. any person who comments the teachers get the Summers off can kiss my white ass. :-) I am looking forward to sleeping in a couple days in there though. :-) and I'm really hoping to hike some stuff in northern Minnesota and Michigan I have not been in there I've never been there before

On Yesterday's Hype I felt very natural. My ovaries were screaming for part of the day and it just felt so right for it to be happening while hiking. We were on the Appalachian Trail for about 5 hours just checking things out and it was refreshing. the Wind made the trees talk to us and the river roiled and bubbled in some places and lazed about in others. It was nice to go up things even if it was only a little bit for the first time in over a year. Yesterday was a beautiful day.

I have so much to say and all that good. But instead I think I'll take a nap. I love nature, I love the weather right now, I love my beautiful wife and awesome stepson... My school work is done, I took tomorrow off because I have some extra time and want to meet a me day... I have so many great things to say, but I think I'll take a nap. :-)

Recently, someone asked me why I don't have strong opinions on most things. I laughed because I would like to think that one of my assets is that I see most situations from multiple perspectives. This makes having strong opinions hard and somewhat Limited. :-) however, today thinking about it I realize that I'm also not in a place in my life where I should voice strong opinions. I had strong opinions when I was younger, and I had nothing to lose... Hopefully, when I am older and am established I will be entitled to have strong opinions simply because I have made it that long. :-) however, right now, I am trying to get established in Academia , have a spouse in school,  have a step child, hope to have a child on the way , and I am the main wage earner in a family with little to no nest egg. Now, is certainly not the time for strong opinions. :-) No, I'm not going to work for someone I don't believe in, or work on or for projects or companies that I find morally bankrupt, but I am leaving my options open to learn more about just about anything. Right now strong opinions are a luxury I don't have. :-)

I fail to understand why we think bombing terrorist will stop terrorism when they're willing to blow themselves up in the first place. This seems like such an asinine believe in how to stop terrorism

My world is a wonderful kind of noisy at the moment. The early morning crackles in a lazy excitement, like it is efficient but in no rush to get to the end. The normal contingent of cotton calls and gentle murmuring from the nuthatches, juncos and other delicate yet hardy birds has been replaced with harsh caws of larger birds. My aily thermos and lunch bag lie in the sink replaced by an actual coffee cup and the sound of it on the coaster clinks of a morning spent in casual clothes and writing to myself about life while thankful that all the work that comes after this is done in this space and time today. I look around and I see a life being lived in half read page turners, attempts to work out and thoughts of having more time to get more done and to breathe.

If there is one thing I would tell my younger self 10 years ago it would have been to enjoy the quiet, the free time the casualness of a life lived without so many projects. I am not complaining, we cannot build a house without a foundation and I feel that is what is happening in my life right now...I am just thankful that instead of feeling like I have to rush the build to beat the storm that today feels like a warm, sunny day to just love what it is I am doing.

I miss writing.

Mar. 23rd, 2016

I wanted to get this thought on paper so that I can come back to it later. I heard an interesting talk with we need some college administrators and professors about higher ed.. One of the great things that was said was about value. Even though we know that a $25 quartz watch tells the same time as a $10,000 Swiss made 1, and possibly the $25 watch tells better time because of the quartz movement instead of the spring traditional movement of the Swiss made watch comma people are still willing to pay $10,000 for the Swiss watch because of the perception of value. this perception of Education leaves out those who go for the more economical, or even more applicable comma choice of states or online using universities even though some amazing research has come out of these lesser valued places. We know that what we do with our education and the actions that we take with it mean and more the man name on the degree who are the discussions that are had that never materialized.

Mar. 21st, 2016

OMG... OMG... OMG... So while I was at work today she went and got our first insemination done and is now on her way back to work. Is this really how it happens? Exclamation point it is so surreal to me. I'm going to jokingly make her hard boiled eggs tonight as a fertility symbol or something exclamation point iamsu just amazed at the process and terrified and amazed and terrified and... Insert big smile here. We are going all natural so the scientists done its part now nature takes over.

Mar. 18th, 2016

Today was a pretty damn good day. Jolene and I had a beautiful moment, I had a great time playing with the little person , school was good and my night and it up with an impromptu hang out with friends. I'm going to bed smiling tonight and feeling happy, relaxed and loved

I'd a rough couple days this week with the time change, premenstrual syndrome and, I don't know, just being in a bad mood for a couple days. However, I'm coming out of it tonight and I'm actually on my way to have a couple drinks with friends at 10 o'clock at night. Today I started feeling like myself again and had energy, got things done, and actually enjoyed being Pleasant. :-) I'm always so nervous when I get into funks Kama which I don't think happens that much, because every time it happens I worry that I'm becoming my mother. I wonder if this is how it started with her when she started slowly going crazy. I'm also very excited because Jolene and I are progressing on a goal that we both have and although I'm scared as hell, I'm also excited beyond belief.